KAN Development implemented the "centralized smart home" system RC Tetris Hall

One of the distinguishing features of the residential complex Tetris Hal is a system of "Centralized Smart House" at the Gravity Smart Building technology. The innovative technical solution to make life and the life of the inhabitants of a new home even more comfortable, cozy and safe implemented jointly with the developer KAN Development project in the construction phase and is made in accordance with the concept of "intelligent building". Buying an apartment in RC Tetris Hall, the owner immediately gets the opportunity to integrate into the "smart" environment of their new home.

Each apartment is equipped to connect both the individual and the common house functions. An important component of comfort, such as climate control, multiroom (audio / video device management and media content), control of lighting and interior elements are closely linked to the security components: fire alarms, security system, security system grids.

Practical whole building features such as integrated video surveillance system, the control of energy use, the ability to automatically order services directly from your phone give the opportunity to feel like a "smart home" takes care of its occupants.

To date, the project "Centralized Smart House" in Tetris Hall residential complex has no analogues in Ukraine, because it embodied a number of practical know-how and innovative approaches that make it unique and special. The futuristic and ultramodern architectural concept of the building, created by a group of companies KAN Development, supplemented by high-tech multi-functional filling, as a result, shows how a house should look modern successful person living with the times.

By implementing the project "Centralized Smart House" in RC «Tetris Hall» group of companies KAN Development confirmed its reputation as one of the leading and progressive developers of Ukraine, who tend to use the most innovative advances in modern science and technology, embodying them in their construction projects.

KAN Development is the developer of the residential complex Tetris Hall was founded in 2001. Among the numerous successful projects - the largest in Kiev shopping center Ocean Plaza, the first capital of the business center of class A + IQ Business Center, the business center of class A 101 Tower, residential complexes "Comfort Town", "Parkove Misto", Central Park, ARENA City, ARENA Entertaiment and others.

Gravity Electric working in Ukraine since 2010 in the field of modern electrical. One of the main activities of the company today is the design, installation and maintenance of home automation systems, which are known as "smart house", as well as other technical products such as: innovative electrification systems, security systems and multimedia information traffic management systems and communication processes.

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