BC IQ Business Center initiated the competition of street art works

IQ PUBLIC ART - the competition of street art works, initiated by the Kiev IQ Business Center, which aims to select the best creative ideas for the landscape in the territory of the business center.

IQ PUBLIC ART involves selecting the best project for the further implementation. IQ PUBLIC ART does not provide the definition of topics for future works and artistic techniques to enable participants unbiased artistic expression. Future work should be linked to the urban and architectural context and interact with the basic ideas of positioning IQ Business Center.

Located in the central part of the city, in Pechersk (Bolsunovsky street, 13-15), near the Dnieper River, IQ Business Center is a unique example of modern urban functional architecture that meets the requirements of technological, environmental and sustainable development principles. This is the first intelligent business center of class A + in Ukraine. For example, in the business center of applied energy-efficient facade glazing systems, air conditioning systems with protection against allergens, intelligent lift systems, etc. Rounded shapes facilities allow you to create a comfortable space with unlimited access to natural light, and all the materials used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. IQ Business Center - is a "smart" infrastructure, which provides the city with quality services, responding to the needs of the modern city.

Future-art facility will be located near the central entrance group IQ Business Center on a small green hill. In fact, the work will be between the structure and the street with heavy traffic.

Stages of the competition IQ PUBLIC ART

09/01/16: Beginning of acceptance of applications and competitive projects.
12/10/16: Last day of registration.
15/12/16: Deadline projects.
12/15/16 - 30/12/16: Expert assessment of competitive projects - the definition of short-list participants.
12/30/16 - 01/25/17: Public discussion of competitive projects - the exhibition of sketches of competitive projects of the short-list.
10/01/17 - 31/01/17: Online voting for the best project in social networks: SMM Prize.
28/01/17 -31/01/17: Meeting of the Jury.
02/01/2017: The winners according to the results of online voting and jury findings.
02/01/2017 - 03/01/2017: Completion of the project.
03/01/2017 - 06/01/2017: Implementation of the project.
06/02/2017: Presentation of the object.

Depending on the quantity and quality of competitive projects of each stage of the dates may have slight changes.

Place, time and procedure for obtaining the tender documentation.

The competition is open to all comers, preferably with experience in the design and creation of small architectural forms and objects of monumental art in the urban environment.

To participate you need to register before 10/12/2016 by sending a letter with a copy of identification documents to e-mail: iqpublicart@gmail.com. In the subject line indicate: "Registration". In response, the 6-digit code-registration and competition task will be sent.

Submission of projects - up to 12.15.2016.

Project Contents:

1) Brief biographical information about the author.
2) description of the future project, which should include:
a) the idea;
b) relevance;
c) processability;
g) Innovation;
e) interactivity.
3) Visualization of the project (a sketch based on a photo in jpg format).
4) project placement on the scheme of the master plan.

Technical contents are subject jury.

To provide an objective determination of the best project IQ PUBLIC ART in the jury were invited experts in the field of public space and monumental art, as well as representatives of IQ Business Center:

• Anna Bondar, Deputy Chief Architect, Department of Urban Planning and Architecture, Ukraine;
• Andrew Pasha, the architect, the author of IQ Business Center, director of TAM, "A. Pasha ", Ukraine;
• Igor Nikonov, president emeritus of the company "KAN Development ", Ukraine;
• Nikolay Tishchenko, restaurateur, television personality, owner of a chain of restaurants "Our map", a resident of IQ Business Center, Ukraine;
• Marina Sokolova, head of the project IQ Business Center, Ukraine;
• Clemens Poole, artist, art curator, USA;
• Taras Kaidan, urbanist, editor of "HMAROCHOS" magazine, Ukraine;
• Lyudmila Lysenko, an art historian, lecturer of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Ukraine.

The number and size of awards

IQ PUBLIC ART provides a definition of the two projects:

First Prize "WINNER OF THE CONTEST" receives a cash prize of 75 000 hryvnia, and the project on the territory of IQ Business Center.

Honorable Mention SMM prize in the amount of 25 000 hryvnia for the project, which will be elected according to the results of online voting in social networks.

The obligations of the customer competition

The project, which will receive the first prize "CONTEST WINNER" will be implemented in the territory near the BC IQ Business Center. The project, which will receive an honorable mention SMM prize, could be considered for further implementation, but the customer does not contest the obligation to implement the project SMM Prize. By submitting their projects, contestants agree to the fact that if the jury after the award of the prize does not recognize any such project, which can be recommended for further implementation, the customer shall be released from obligations to the winner commissioned the further development of design and estimate documentation. If a participant submits the bidding documents, it shall bear the risk of transmitting a secret code registration to outsiders.


Organizational matters:
Eugene Molar, the competition coordinator, +38 (050) 216 54 84, iqpublicart@gmail.com.
Questions on the territory of IQ Business Center: Olesya Nazarenko, marketing, +38 (097) 437 94 03, nazarenko@iqbc.ua.

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