About complex


“Tetris Hall” unites people with common interests and high requests to the living environment, which choose the center of the city for life, work, rest, upbringing children.
This house perfectly reflects elaborated style, new tastes and image of residents. Our buyers and your neighbours are mainly top managers, company owners, IT-specialists, businessmen, modern students elite.  


In “Tetris Hall” there is everything you need for comfortable life at the highest level: concierge services 24/7, multi-level security system, noiseless high-speed lifts, system of individual heating, three-stored underground parking, places for bikes and large domestic things.
If you get used to keep everything under control, you will be surprised – how could you manage to live without “smart house”? Keep electricity, heating, ventilation, illumination, sound and video system, water supplies, security system under control, call lift just using your gadget!

The entrance to the house in accomplished only with the help of electronic cards, and professional security controls the territory. Parking also has high level of security and works according to the card system; it is equipped with fire warning, gates and barrier with automatic number reading-out.


Center of the city spread before the eyes!
Every flat-owner can be literary at the height – from the windows and roofs of “Tetris Hall” you can observe the sceneries of Pechersk like from tourist card: business cluster of Kiev, gothic towers of Michael church, mosaic of architectural diversity, picturesque islands of squares. It seems that you can touch The Olympic National Sports Complex with a hand! 


Apartments from the leader of the market of Ukrainian real estate KAN Development Company in the very heart of European city will satisfy the most capricious customers. We offer the perfect variant of premium class thank to high professionalism of developer, great experience of experts and individual approach to each resident.

During decades the developer works with the best architectural agencies, engineering companies, chooses the best innovative ways of introduction IT, modern methods of management and services. Each part of the project is created to fulfil residents’ expectations about quality, reliability and durability.

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