14 November 2017

Jazz evening with Alexey Kogan in Tetris Hall

In the heart of Kiev, in the house, which looks like jazz improvisation, KAN Development team started the cycle of theme evenings for Tetris Hall residents. Jazz in Kiev was organized only for close friends of company in a very sincere atmosphere. And if you remember a famous quotation that architecture is frozen music, than Tetris Hall became frozen jazz in this musical evening.

We must say that Tetris Hall really looks like jazz improvisation. That is connected not just with lobby, fireplace and lounge-zone. Recently the word lounge can be heard everywhere: lounge-music, lounge bar, lounge-café, and lounge-zone. But from all appearances KAN Development company decided to make the whole house a lounge-zone, because in the second waiting list for housing estate Tetris Hall they provided a swimming pool on one roof and barbeque and rest zone on another. And all this will be connected in one lounge-zone consisting of three houses. That is why Tetris Hall embodies architecture of frozen music.


But returning to the music.
Every famous jazz musician has his own style and unique musical signature. And if it is about the legend of Ukrainian jazz Alexey Kogan, you can certainly say that he is not just playing jazz, he is jazz.


“We wanted to organize jazz evening for friends of our company, – they say in KAN Development. We regard our buyers not just as clients. They are our friends and partners. We are planning to make these evenings regular.” More than once we mentioned that KAN Development builds not just square meters, we build comfortable environment for living and such evening are confirmation of it.


So the residents of Tetris Hall could make sure of it just going down to the ground floor of their house directly to the best jazz evening in Ukraine.

“It is so unusual to put on an evening dress in your flat, and going out the lift to get to jazz party”, – say one of the residents of the house. “I like this idea with “jazz at the front door”. I hope that such evenings will take place further.”


Alexey Kogan is distinguished not only by his musical performances, but also by his oratory skills. When Alexey speaks in the pauses between compositions, it still sounds like beautiful jazz improvisation. Music-lovers met bright performance of Kiev jazzmen with great pleasure, accompanying performance with storm of applause, dances and shouting “bravo!”
Hear we cannot stand remembering the quotation of Charles de Lint: “Do you like jazz? – he said wondering. – I like any music, any which has soul.”


Maybe that is why such events are remembered and became important do not depending on their format. And it does not matter how they are called “Wien Ball”, “Jazz at the front door” or “Winter evening in…”, important is the desire to visit them more and more.
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